Water & Wastewater

Solutions for the Water & Wastewater sector.

Clean water is a primary concern for Water and Wastewater organizations who must prioritize meeting regulations and reducing costs.

Centralized monitoring, controlling and reporting from Movicon provides transparent visualization into achieving better safety and efficiency. Movicon empowers users with real-time information, configurable charts and reports that fulfill EPA and other government reporting requirements. Its alarming and IP camera viewers for complete CCTV surveillance guarantees all round safety network another crucial factor to all water and wastewater plants. The importance of 24/24 control is further supported with wireless Pocket PC or mobile phone use to receive and acknowledge alarms and alerts from user operations on and off the plant. Movicon visualization, monitoring, control, reporting and alarming are all part of a water and wastewater management solution to achieve watertight efficiency and safety in the most cost effective way.

Some reference for the water cycle industries, treatment and distribution

  • Acsm Como Lake Water
  • Acque Spa
  • Aimag
  • AQP Acquedotti Pugliesi
  • Antalia Municipality
  • Istanbul City
  • Lyonnaise des Eaux
  • Madrid City
  • Meta
  • Hera

Case Histories

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