Technological Partners

Progea Technology Partners offer perfect solutions with Movicon

The Progea Technology Partners are companies that operate in the field of automation, offering hardware technologies and solutions (based on PC, Remote I/O, PLCs, Control Devices, Fieldbus Devices and other) and have established a technicalpartnership with Progea.
Their products are tested and verified to ensure that end users are provided with hardware that functions seamlessly with perfect unison with the Progea software. 

Technology partners often resell the software Progea preinstalled in their systems or simply by recommending the use of the Movicon software in their systems. 
If your company builds or distributes hardware or components for automation why not give it added value by bundling it with innovative and flexible HMI and SCADA software.
You'll become more competitive and effective at "zero-cost" investment and "zero-time-to-market"!


Why become a Technology Partner?

A Technology Partner can always count on Progea for joint collaboration and ensure their customers get top quality and reliable products that have been tested and proven on their own hardware devices and solutions.  Furthermore, customers are also guaranteed Services and Technical Assistance.  The Technology Partnership involves the reciprocal recommendation and leverage of the respective hardware and software technologies.  Progea commits to recommending the use of the Technology Partner’s hardware and likewise, the Partner commits to recommending the use of the Progea sotware in their devices.  As resellers, the Technology Partner will receive advantageous marketing and sales conditions when bundling their hardware products with the Progea software products. 

  •  Customized license or royalties policy
  •  Direct Technical support
  •  Sales support
  •  Product Training
  •  Mutual Promotion and Events
  •  Hardware testing and validation
  •  Vertical Solutions