Vocation for innovation, a young dedicated team and a motivated group feature strongly in Progea.

What makes Progea special is group dedication.  Each has their different role yet they work together on the Movicon™ project in harmony. 

Group harmony empowers optimal information sharing that render product integration possible at all levels. Enthusiasm and efforts of the group’s work are clearly shown in the resulting product quality to the benefit of all customers. The company is efficiently organized to design, support and promote one of the most powerful SCADA software on the international market today. The numerous Progea branches in Italy and abroad, a national and international sales and distributor network all refer to the company headquarters based in Modena, Italy.  Progea currently employs more than 45 personnel of whom 75% are engineers and technicians dedicated to product development and customer care services.




Paolo Fiorani Founder, General Manager
Claudio Fiorani Founder, Vision, R&D Manager
Giuseppe Bettini Partner, Technical Manager
Maurizio Zaniboni Partner, Product Manager
Alberto Rabboni Partner, R&D Interfaces Manager
Stefano Gozzi Partner, R&D Senior Developer
JeanMarc Willems Partner, Business Developer
Sergio Somaschini Export Manager
Markus Stadelhofer Progea GmbH Manager
Scott Ludwig Progea USA Manager