Ideal solutions for totally integrated application ecosystems

Progea offers a range of software products that are based on just the one integration architecture that provides modular and flexible solutions for various levels of automation and factory systems.

Using a Progea product not only means having the best and most innovative software technologies used around the world today, it also means being able to rely on the correlated technical support, training and consultancy services. Services that can support you all the way with your every project need to enable you to deal with all the market demands with confidence and in complete safety and confidence. Progea’s 25 years of experience is your best guarantee to accomplish any type of automation project no matter how simple or complex.


Solutions for SCADA supervisory systems 


Solutions for HMI Interfaces


Solutions for collection data with Historian and Data Loggers

Industrial IoT

Solutions for Industrial Internet of Things

Production Efficiency

Solutions for Plant Intelligence, OEE, KPI, Downtime.

Energy Efficiency

Solutions for energy efficiency monitoring

Augmented Reality HMI

Solutions for HMI technology based on wearable devices and augmented reality


Telecontrol, Web and GeoScada solutions.


OPC Server connectivity solutions

Smart Buildings

Building Automation software solutions