Progea software technology is the ideal solution for any automation project

The Movicon™ technology ensures the maximum flexibility with an all-in-one integrated environment offering open architecture, specific function modules and communication drivers for every type of automation project. 

Flexibility is a major necessity in modern automation that means being able to adapt quickly to customer needs without sacrificing work or know-how.   In order to meet the demands that flexibility entails Movicon™ gives the best guarantee to protect your investments. You need only maintain the one same software platform in your company in order to satisfy all your automation application needs from control level (PLC, HMI) to SCADA/MES Enterprise level. 

Movicon™ is truly an open and flexible platform that adapts to all modern automation application technologies.  
It is precisely these features that will enable you to save enormously in terms of learning, updating and training personnel. This is especially because only the one visualization and control software need be maintained in your company to satisfy your every company need.


Progea software solutions provide automotive companies with powerful software to manage  production lines, visualize assembly and minimize downtimes, reduce costs of operation and application development.


Progea provides superior solutions for the Food and Beverage manufacturing sector where reaching the standard required needs perfect monitoring, control, reporting,trending and alarming.


Progea provides supervision solutions for intelligent buildings. Progea are leading experts in supervision and control software systems (Scada/HMI). Movicon™ BA is the special edition for Building Automation of Movicon™.


Progea software solutions are designed for all physical and organizational infrastructure types, arming users with tools to navigate and control systems from individual buildings to entire infrastructure building  blocks.


The unrivaled openness and flexibility of the Movicon™ architecture makes it the perfect Scada/HMI supervision solution appliable to any manufacturing sector and in the world of automation.


Today energy is a major world issue. Power plants, Co-generation, Oil&Gas plants need to work around the clock to meet rural cooperatives, municipal authorities and independent distribution authorities and end customer demands without risking non-delivery or waste.


Our Movicon™ project solutions for the oil and gas industry are designed on the understanding that this is a intrinsically complex field — in terms of engineering, economics, health, safety and environment where the need to manage and control all operations need to be complacent with regulatory requirements.


The Pharmaceutical industry is commited to discovering and manufacturing medicine to help cure and recover from illnesses so that we can live healthy and productive lives to the full possibility of our means.


Clean water is a primary concern for Water and Wastewater organizations who must prioritize meeting regulations and reducing costs. Centralized monitoring, controlling and reporting from Movicon provides transparent visualization into achieving better safety and efficiency.