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Progea and OEMs: Partnership success

Progea promotes a specific business partnership model aimed at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) based on a long term relationship and investment to collaborate together with mutual benefits for both parties.

OEM Partners are not just companies reselling our software products. They mean much more. When you become an OEM partner you will be entering into a sturdy and steady relationship with Progea and OEM development teams to ensure tight integration of the Movicon Technology with our partner solution offerings. Some of our partners choose to redistribute our software under the Movicon brand name, taking advantage of our brand name in the marketplace. Others prefer to market their solutions using our software under their own brand name to maintain their own identity. Independently from which option you go for, Progea will always be faithful as a technological partner to deliver top quality HMI and SCADA software correlated with top-notch services.   As a Partner you will be able to offer the automation market complete, innovative, open and powerful technological solutions and benefit by adding value to your own products at a competitive price that is hard to beat.

Why become a Progea Partner?

An OEM Progea Partner is always special. Being partners with Progea is most advantageous for companies wishing to offer the market automation solutions that come as Software bundled with a Hardware product.  This combination of Software and Hardware sold together as one product gives companies a competitive edge over the rest.  All automation hardware component builders know that the success of their business is determined on the quality of the products they offer.  Combining their hardware with an all-in-one, open, innovative and powerful software adds greater value to their product with a competitive price that is beneficial not only to them but their customers as well.  Knowing that your product comes with such powerful software will increase customer trust in you as a reliable company.

Becoming a Progea Partner means you get to bundle your product with powerful automation software and offer it at a lower cost, reduce investments and zero time-to-market.


  •  Partnership tailored to Partner's needs
  •  Simplified and Customized License management and policy
  •  Business Model is Partner needs-oriented
  •  Custom software product with Brand Labelling option
  •  Training and direct support
  •  Sales support
  •  Simplified maintenance
  •  Long-term partnership 
  •  Services and Consultancy




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