Communication and OPC Servers

Communication and OPC Servers.

Progea specialize in communication protocol management and OPC technology.

Thanks to its extensive experience in industrial communication, Progea can provide all components required by customers wishing to manage communication between field devices and their own management and monitoring applications. Many communication protocols embedded in Progea software technologies are available through Server OPC applications.

Server OPCs are applications that make it possible to easily configure parameters that are relevant to the various available communication protocols, in order to manage an 'addressspace' accessible by any OPC UA Client application. By using Servers OPCs, the user ensures connectivity with field devices, for a specific protocol, so that data from devices is made available to third-party applications. 



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Communication components: OPC Servers.

Progea provides its software components for business communication.

Boasting unmatched know-how in communication and business protocols, and extensive experience in OPC technology, Progea also offers simple solutions for managing data gathering in third-party management systems, by using OPC Server components for managing the various communication protocols. 

(due on the market in 2017)