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Solutions to improve production efficiency through OEE and KPI

Progea offers software products to manage Plant Intelligence through data collection and calculation of the OEE, KPI and Downtime.

Industries (especially in manufacturing sector) more often have the increasing need to collect real time information about production data in order to find and remove the causes of inefficiency and improve their productivity through the losses reduction. The solution to achieve this goal is to have a system tha in fast way permit, data collection and analysis of the production, checking the deviations between the theoretical and actual production.

Theoretically, the ideal and completely effective machine should work all the time at maximum speed and with no errors. Unfortunately this situation is purely theoretical. The reality is made from practical situations that involves scheduled production stoppages (no staff or maintenance) or unplanned (dead), and also by a number of defective parts. These problems are the causes of reduced machine efficiency, as measured by the value of the OEE parameter (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). The conditions that cause these problems are called "equipment-related losses" (losses related to equipment There are 3 main elements that are used to apply the OEE, such as:

  1. Availability: losses due to inactivity
  2. Quality: losses for defective products
  3. Performance: for low speed of production losses

These three elements include all causes of lost production , as well as unexpected breakdowns not due to failure (Set up, change of production, scheduled maintenance, meetings, holidays, strikes, etc.). Some causes are acquired directly and automatically from the machine (alarms ), other have to be charged by the operators for the arrest request, in order to avoid as much as possible undefined downtime. To be extremely efficient, the management information system should allow the automatic real-time data acquisition, to show KPI index (Key Performance Indicator) that establish (in a given period) the productivity index.

OEE, KPI and Downtime

The factors that are used for the OEE calculation are the following:

A: Operating time (net)
B: Operating Time < A(Losses due to inactivity)
C: Production goals.
D: Real production < C (Machines speed losses).
E: Real production.
F: Compliant production < E (Defection losses).

OEE = B/A * D/C * F/E * 100

The OEE calculations take into account three factors:
Availability - takes into account Down Time loss and is calculated on the percentage of effective operating time in respect to planned or ideal production time.
Performance - takes into account Speed Loss and is calculated on the percentage of pieces effectively produced in respect to programmed target total and ideal run time.
Quality - takes into account quality loss and is calculated on good pieces produced and total number of pieces produced.

The losses caused by these three elements reduce the amount of compliant parts that a machine can produce.
The losses for availability are mainly due to inactivity caused by faults and machines time needed to set-up. Other additional losses may be caused by the cutting tools and Start up times.
The performance losses are mainly due to the reduced speed of the machines.internal interruptions (events that interrupt the production flow without stopping the machine) and reduction of the working speed (often the machines work at lower speeds than those for which it was designed), are the main cause of decline in real output (D).

The quality factor is adversely affected by the production of defective parts, which can be produced during the start-up of the machine itself, that is often necessary to bring the machine to the bestoperating conditions. Scrap and rework are other losses caused by production errors.



Integrated and easy solutione ready-to-use to improve production efficiency.


Data collection and OEE calculation

The solutions proposed by Progea will enable you to easily and automatically collect the necessary data driven, to the calculation of the OEE, KPI and Downtime. By effective data, you can identify the offending and interference proceedings to the production system, whether they are machines or production lines.
In addition, the collected data allow to assess whether the measures put in place to improve the performance of the machines have produced positive results. For OEE effective measurement process and data application operations staff should be involved, which also should receive feedback on the results of the OEE.

By collecting real data over time, you can automatically analyze the real output, see the trend of the OEE for machines or for lines, answering questions like:
What are the main inactivity problems?
When did a certain problem occured?
How last month quality was?
What are the most frequent alarms or those with longer life?
How are we using the machine?

Thanks to Progea's solutions, you can then set up an effective system to improve production, with a very low investment that will be repaid (return on investment) in a short time thanks to increased productivity.

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