The Movicon 11 platform license policy.

The flexible Movicon licensing model can be adapted to suit your every need.

The flexible Movicon licensing model can be adapted to suit your every need.

FunctionalityPRO VersionLITE VersionOEM (MACHINE Edition)
I/O BYTES From 64 to Unlimited From 64 to Unlimited Max 1024
Server Application
Client Application
HMI Screens Max 64 Screens
Symbols Libraries
Power Templates
Logic IL
Alarm Manager Max 2048 Alarms
Alarm Viewers
Historical Log Manager
Historical Log Viewers
Keyboard Manager
Menu Manager
TouchScreen - basic Multitouch
Text Manager - Multi-language
Scripts VBA Multithreading
IP camera
Speech Recognition
Reports Manager + Data Analisys Option Option
Recipes Manager
Child Projects
User & Password Management
Data Loggers Option Option
I/O Drivers 1 1
I/O Multi-Drivers (Max 32) Option
Alarms Statistical (Downtime Analyzer) Option Option
OPC UA and DA Client
OPC UA and DA Server Option Option
Redundancy Option Option
Alarm Dispatcher (SMS/Voice/Email) Option Option
Web Client Applet Java and APP (Users) Option: from 1 to 100 Option: from 1 to 100



Download Movicon 11 datasheet!


Editor (Design Environment) 

The design license (Editor) allows you to create any type of Movicon 11 project and entitles you to access to the first level technical support. 

Runtime, I/O Bytes dimensions

Movicon 11 runtime licenses are modular, based on the number of  I/O bytes (mapped to Variables) exchanged with the field. Each byte correspond to 8 bit of any variable "connected to the field". Variables of type bit, byte, word, float and double/long 64 bit, even structures or arrays too can be declared. Variables byte, word, etc. can be "pointed" to the individual bits.
However, the total amount of simultaneously exchanged bytes with the field determines the size of the license.

  • Note: the license only counts those variables put into use and exchanged with the field
  • Note: In structure type variables, a data bit will always be a bytes.

For instance, if you have a project with 2000 analog 16 bit connected I/O variables, you will need a RT4096 I/O byte

Runtime Type Licenses

In order to help you decide, Run-Time licenses are offered in Server, Client, and Client/Server version, PRO and LT type.

  1. Scada Pro: I/O Server, Drivers PLC, Alarms Manager, local HMI, Data Loggers
  2. Scada LTI/O Server, Drivers PLC, Alarms Manager, local HMI
  3. Client Only: network client station
  4. Web Client option: option on the server to access via Web Client (Java Applet)

NET Licenses and Terminal Server Licenses

All licenses are also available on "floating" network licenses, which is a single license installed on a local network that enables the number of desired workstation. Also when using Terminal Server, you use the network licence NET.

USB Dongle o Softkey?

All licenses are available as "hardware", on a USB stick, or "software" with an activation code. Unless otherwise specified, the license is provided in software version. 

Demo Mode

When Movicon starts, if there is no license detected, it will run in "Demo mode", alerting the user. In this way, the Editor is fully functional and runtime execution lasts at least two hours.