Research development and innovation

Thinking to the future of automation software

Progea has always focused on technology evolution, anticipating competitor moves and seeking out new horizons in evolutional automation software.

Progea’s strengths also lie in keeping clients competitive with the confidence so that they can on them as their strategic partner. Progea is an Italian company that produces cutting edge software that leads the way towards automation of the future. Progea’s mission is to develop and produce software products based on standard, open, simple and flexible architectures that guarantee customer satisfaction and success with their automation applications. In a technically advanced field such as this, they know how crucial it is to invest a significant amount of resources in research and development to enable clients to stay competitive and updated with the best technology. Due to their vast experience in research and development in automation applications since 1990, Progea is today capable of satisfying the most demanding application needs by offering an automation software suite based on the most advanced software technologies. Progea provides top notch technical services and assistance in Italy and abroad. Progea is represented around the world by a large number of highly qualified partners and solution providers who are always available to provide assistance and support.

Research and Development

Progea is strongly convinced that seeking out ways to develop innovative technology is fundamental to gaining a competitive advantage on the market. This is especially important in a market dealing with software that is constantly in evolution at a fast pace.  Progea fully realizes the resources they have to commit to achieve this by placing Research and Development at the base of their business strategy plan. It has been proven that the market responds quickly to such commitment and gives full recognition of the company that offers the best product aligned with the evolving trends in world of factory applied information technology. This is even more so when the product is also technically supported, cost efficient and sustainable.

To endorse these concepts, Progea invest over 30% of its resources in research. A lot of time and effort is dedicated to analysing evolutional trends and new technologies with the aim to integrate them within the architecture of their products in the best way possible.  Progea is also accredited by the MUIR research laboratories (Ministry of Education and University Research) and is used as part of the Computer Science curriculum in many institutes for higher education in Italy.