Software HMI

HMI Software: The open and independent Human-Machine interface.

Progea offers software solutions for powerful HMI, open and independent from hardware.

All the HMI software technology proposed by Progea
bases on openness and flexibility concepts.

Thanks to the high experience in SCADA technology, Progea offers powerful, able to guarantee sophisticated functionality than simple HMI software, but easy to use, scalable and powerful .Progea HMI software are designed both for PC and for Embedded System, with high scalability going from small Windows CE-based operator panels up to Win32/64 PC systems.
The biggest advantage is the availability of a unique editor to realize any HMI projects.

Today, machines and plants requires increasingly sophisticated HMI technologies. It is fundamental that the allow maximum functionality and usability which is reached not only with a good design but with a specific HMI software that meets all the needs.
HMI Progea’s software offer effective solution both for End User and for Machine Builders or System Integrators.
Thanks to the experience of Progea in SCADA sector, HMI software offer:

  1. Scalability: the same project runs both on PC and on small-embedded system with Windows CE
  2. Hardware Independency: choose your panel provider maintaining the same HMI software
  3. Flexibility: architectures should integrate SCADA, HMI and operator panels by using the same software.
  4. Cost Reduction: a single editor, only one products for every projects.
  5. Reduced maintenance: only one software means a big reduction in maintenance costs.
  6. Expandibility: the HMI project can evolve up to a real SCADA project without changing anything.
  7. Openness: wide ranging I/O Driver Library included, with automatic Tag importing from PLCs
  8. Constant innovation: to protect long-term investments
  9. Support: service excellence service for any need
  10. Product Customization: to give to your HMI software your brand customization and your preferred license.

All this means protect your investement, cost reduction, easy maintenance and updating.
All this results in investment protection, reduction in operating costs, ease of maintenance and updating .
Progea is therefore able to offer software solutions that aim to provide its customers with a long-term partnership, as evidenced by 25 years of market presence and more than 100,000 licenses for applications deployed worldwide.
This is the best guarantee for the protection of their investment.

You OEM? Are you looking for a partner for

the HMI software or IOT?

We have the solution to provide a custom software, on board of your systems.
Risk= 0; Time-To-Market= 0; Productivity= 100%

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Solution for PC, WinCE or Panel to Win10IoT?

Progea HMI technology offers all in possibility in only one editor. You can select the runtime to use in your system. For PC, CE or Panel for IoT micro system (Internet of Things), the choice is yours:

Movicon 11 PowerHMI: runtime for embedded PC that comes from the SCADA.

The Movicon 11 technology in HMI version. The same configuration environment and runtime licenses specifically designed only for operator control and monitoring, maintaining all the advantages and potential of Movicon 11. Your HMI become open, powerful, scalable, flexible. Ideal for Embedded Win32 64 PC as Win7, Win8 and Win10. Atom processors or higher, fanless, diskless. And licensing solutions for every need.

Movicon 11 CE: runtime for WinCE panels.

The runtime that puts the Movicon 11 technology in the HMI devices with Windows CE . Finally, you can choose the hardware panel supplier, and keep your software independent from it, protecting your investments. Thanks to the partnership that Progea has set up with the best manufacturers of HMI hardware systems often the runtime is already installed in a number of panels on the market. You can then keep the same configuration environment, or you can expand your project without starting all over again. This is thhe ideal solution for those who want to combine independence, cost reduction, and improve performance.

Are you a panels WinCE manufacturer? Become a Progea Partner and pre-install Movicon runtime in your panels. You give your customer a customized solution HW + SW increasing your market and sharing and providing them a great benefit.

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Movicon.NExT IoT: the new generation for HMI or IIoT embedded system.

The new industrial revolution is coming. With the new Movicon.NExT generation, Progea is going to release the new runtime for embedded Windows 10 IoT System, the free version of Microsoft operating system for embedded world (IoT, HMI, PAC). Future look at the new generation of industrial hardware based on ARM o Raspeberry PI system, with low cost and high performance, able to manage new concept of industrial application, for small  local  and decentralized HMI control system, connected in the Industrial Internet of things philosophy. 

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