Software for Historian and Data Logger.

Solutions for data collection, traceability and DB and Cloud database management.

Thanks to the use of modular software products, Progea stands out when it comes to providing communication, data gathering and database- or Cloud-based data management solutions. Thus, Historian and Data Logger require Data Server applications to be available for gathering and saving all field data in one or more databases, be they local, network-based or Cloud-based, which will be accessed by corporate IT systems in order to process the gathered data.

Our applications Historian and Data Logger do not require a Client for the user interface, as they are often run as "Windows services" on server workstations that are potentially inaccessible to users. Progea Data Server products ensure real-time access and data exchange with field devices, plus total reliability thanks to redundancy features and management capabilities for common databases in the IT community.

Progea Servers allow for flexible solutions which make the following possible:

  1. Acquiring field data using native Drivers for the most common devices (PLC, CNC, RTU, Fieldbus, Networks)
  2. Communicating with other devices and other applications through integrated OPC Client and Server technology
  3. Managing even complex data structures
  4. Using time-based, event-based or command-based recording functions
  5. Managing relational databases such as SQL Server (default), Oracle or MySQL
  6. Mapping data on Historian (Time-series data) or Data Logger
  7. Managing data saving functions over Cloud through Microsoft Azure
  8. Managing the Server as a Windows Service
  9. Managing reliability by using integrated Redundancy functions (hot backup)

Thanks to Progea’s Historian functions, users may work on data gathering applications suited to any activity sector, in case the IT department is unable to manage processes at the field level.


Data collector and Historian

Simple with Data Automation Platform.NExT Server


Modular feature of Automation Platform.NExT

Thanks to the use of modular software technology on the Automation Platform.NexT, each user has the option to only purchase the Data Server product license, for using simple use of Communication and Historian/Data Logger functions, which constitutes a cost-effective solution for applications that are only required to gather and show database- or cloud-based plant data.

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