Energy Efficiency

Software tecnology to improve energy efficiency.

Software solutions to monitor energy consumptions and guide the company towards reducing costs and increasing efficiency and sustainability.

The implementation of energy management systems has fast become more important in today’s world to help reach goals to become more efficient and reduce energy consumptions that constitute a large percentage of company costs and building management. Furthermore, the implementation of severe norms have led companies to adopt new standards of energy efficiency defined, for example, by the recent ISO-50001 normative relating to the Energy Management standards or EN-15232 relating to energy classification.

Progea offers software solution for monitoring and optimizing energy efficiency to allow companies to reduce energy costs by analysing consumptions and introducing efficiency concepts to achieve considerable cost returns while reducing environmental impact of energy waste.

The use of a monitoring system makes possible to connect the different types of meters applied in the different energy sectors to measure consumptions in realtime and record them on database to anlyse Energy Key Performance Indicators (EnKPI). Analytically calculating each type of energy consumption will enable you to reduce loss and increase energy efficiency with a rapid return on investment.

Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) across the entire organization can be calculated to reduce consumption, waste and optimize resources. A strong company strategy for constant measuring and monitoring of electricity, gas, water, compressed air or steam usage will enable sustainable savings and an increase in competitiveness.

  1. Energy consumption visability: the ability to collect consumption calculations will allow users to gain a clear picture of the energy infrastructure and utility distribution.
  2. Identify potential energy savings: a thorough analysis of opportunity areas is possible through consumption calculations related to manufacturing and building sites, time range and business situations.
  3. Monitoring corrective action results: to assess the benefits of the corrective actions undertaken you can monitor the consequent advantages in real-time and hypothesize new interventions as part of a continuous effort for improvement.
  4. Document efficiencies and use of incentives: the complete and powerful set of data analysis tools provided allows users to verify, document, export and send reports on actual consumption reductions to interested parties as well as take advantage of any incentives to obtain specific certification requirements 

Energy Efficiency

Through an effective system of monitoring and analysis of consumption.


Complete and thorough consumption analysis

Progea's solution offer integrated analysis tools based on fully equipped ready-to-use reports, charts and tables.

The Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) indicators are essential to performing effective consumption analysis. They are the most reliable method to use in analyzing and improving energy efficiency by detecting energy waste to drive its elimination. Pro.Energy© collects all energy carrier data, records it on a database to enable thorough and accurate analysis using specially designed reports, charts and tables. It is based on simple and reliable technology that is ready to use but can be customized as needed. In addition to recording real-time meter measures, the system also allows the user to define and record virtual calculations. This enables users to run comparisons on actual behaviors versus those of virtual ones, or use virtual calculations to manage and reallocate energy logic groups by, for example, recalculating specific meters. By applying these different methods Energy Managers and users will be able to obtain powerful analytical reports containing the information they need to quickly pinpoint and take action on areas of energy waste.

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