Solution for energy sector.

The Progea software solutions provide a competitive advantage to all those working in this sector.

Today energy is a major world issue. Power plants, Co-generation, Oil&Gas plants need to work around the clock to meet rural cooperatives, municipal authorities and independent distribution authorities and end customer demands without risking non-delivery or waste. The increasing ‘green’ awareness has caused pressing challenges for the industrial sector to become more environmental friendly thus the need for better energy management has become not only essential but a “must”.
The need to predict retail demand, manage ever-changing supply costs and meet regulatory reporting requirements is a balancing act that Progea can put into swing by offering the perfect solution to accomodate every need whether it be for energy generation, transmission and distribution, tool manufacturers or renewable energy sectors. Progea invests great efforts and resources in Solutions for Electric Utilities by converting more than 25 years of experience in HMI/scada Solutions into added value and features in the following specific areas:

  • Control Room application for global-wide monitoring.
  • Powergrid application for geographical monitoring and power supply diagnosis. 
  • Power substations for local monitoring, data acquisition, data recording.
  • Hmi solutions for energy analysis, local RTU, Cogeneration
  • Remote control solution for green energy monitoring: Wind generators, Solar panels, Biogas generation, geothermal structures

Movicon has just the right solution to monitor utility usages, in whatever form whether electricity, gas, water, air, steam or effluent over small or large company plant sites to provide accurate information on demand, for reports and analyzing to control and automate consumption, how much used, where and when energy is effectively needed to target energy saving initiatives.  The Movicon power grid application controls and monitors power plants and substation networks, consumer supplies and storage with the aim of delivering safe efficient services to customers while keeping investors happy with overall cost effective results.

Some references for the Energy sectors

  • ABB Sace
  • BARC
  • Cefla Energy
  • Mauell Ag
  • ENEL
  • Lovato
  • MAN Energy
  • MT Energie Germany
  • Hamitabat, Turkey
  • SNAM Progetti
  • Power Grid Corporation
  • Schneider Electric
  • Reverberi Enetec
  • AEM Municipality
  • AGSM Municipality
  • Powertron
  • CPL Concordia Cogeneration

Case Histories

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