Consultancy and Services are our added value.

Openness, Integration, Customization.

The Progea Services are committed to satisfying your every need through a distribution network of Partners, Solution Providers and System integrators.  They are all specialized to provide end users the support and consultancy services needed and most essential to the overall success of any project.  Using a standard product offers many advantages but setting it up and configuring it to the specific needs of the production company are what makes a project successful. Progea will assist you in analysing your company needs, defining specification, installing and starting up the project until conclusive validation. Remember that the Energy Consumption Analysis (for a company, office or production site) simply indicates how efficient the site is using energy. This analysis alone will not improve your consumption rate unless combined with the full cooperation of the Energy Manager and the other company levels involved.  The united efforts of all sides to remove the causes, detected by the energy consumption indicators, are the only way to obtain success.