Augmented Reality HMI

Augmented Reality: the new frontier of HMI.

Progea are experimenting with new concepts of human-machine integration, by using wearable devices for Augmented Reality.

Technology is developing at an incredible pace, and HMI ideas are evolving at a similar speed. Augmented reality is now being introduced more consistently and more specifically for the manufacturing industry, and Progea, in keeping with its innovation-driven approach, has started developing Augmented Reality solutions in the HMI environment, as was shown at the latest trade shows. 

By using wearable Augmented Reality devices – such as Google Glass or the promising Hololens by Microsoft, which are still under development – Progea’s vision is to create applications for assisting operators wearing those devices, through several types of real-time information available on Movicon supervision servers. Thus, operators or maintenance technicians can use valuable information in real time in order to work on the system, improving production efficiency.
By using real-time information, the operator can:

  1. Immediately view accurate details that are relevant to the context
  2. Receive guidance when operating on site
  3. Interact with the control system without having to physically be at the supervision or HMI interface
  4. Receive guidance when troubleshooting
  5. Decide how to act based on circumstance
  6. Enjoy handsfree functionality and monitor operations on site, while still interacting with the HMI system

Augmented Reality hardware technologies are not yet available on the market, but they will be coming soon. Progea has already shown how to practically use Google Glass or Epson Moverio, and is now working on the integration of Hololens in the environment of Automation Platform.NExT architectures, which demonstrates its innovative spirit and its vision of the future.

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Augmented Reality HMI with AutomationPlatform.NExT

With real and experimental solutions, Augmented Reality (AR) opens the door to uncharted possibilities in the automation industry.

Progea has already implemented Augmented Reality solutions through the experimental use of Google Glass, or the actual use of Android-based Epson Moverio devices. While the Glass is yet to be fine-tuned and marketed by Google, Epson has marketed the Moverio devices – convenient and fully-functional glasses for Augmented Reality. Alongside that, Progea is testing Hololens by Microsoft, based on an operating system derived from Windows 10. Our short-term goal is to create an application for Hololens available from the Windows Store, capable of connecting to a server Movicon.NExT and displaying a holographic, 3D or traditional 2D HMI, allowing the user to interact with the system using Augmented Reality techniques.

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